About CE Home Inspections

Buy with Confidence

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Whether the home is existing or new construction, at first glance it may appear to be in great shape: but it may contain defects that you should be aware of.

Minor defects you could live with, but others can be financially devastating. CE Home Inspections will use all its knowledge and technical expertise to conduct a Critical Examination of your home and construction equipment.

A computerized report will be sent within 48 hours of completion of the inspection. This report will provide you with the valuable information you need to know before you close or make your final decision to buy.

Attend the Inspection

Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced one, CE Home Inspections will provide you with a complete and educational inspection. If you are not familiar with the home’s systems and how they operate, our inspectors will take the time to provide you with helpful maintenance tips.